Annual Fund Donation

Annual Fund

With more than three dozen properties in five New England states, collections of more than 123,000 objects and 1.5 million archival items, and education programs serving tens of thousands of students each year, work never ends at Historic New England.

Your tax-deductible annual gift helps preserve and share our region's heritage.

Project CHICK

Project CHICK: Chickens Hatching in Classrooms

Based at Casey Farm since 2001, Project CHICK teaches schoolchildren about the humane treatment of animals, the importance of maintaining genetic diversity, and the value of organic farming while aligning with state curriculum standards. It serves 8,000 Rhode Island students each year.  

Your tax-deductible gift is especially important because it will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor (up to $5,000). Help Historic New England continue to serve communities throughout Rhode Island with this popular program.

Collections and Conservation Fund Donation

Collections and Conservation Fund

Historic New England's collection of New England art, antiques, and archival materials is the largest in the country, and growing all the time. Support the ongoing preservation and care of these treasures with a gift to the Collections and Conservation Fund.

Preservation Maintenance Fund Donation

Preservation Maintenance Fund

Historic New England's homes, farms, and landscapes tell four centuries of stories of the people who made New England what it is today. We are committed to maintaining each property to the highest standards. Support this essential work with a gift to the Preservation Maintenance Fund.

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