Supporting Membership


Supporting members of Historic New England help preserve New England’s cultural heritage, including distinctive historic properties and a collection of more than one million items that illuminate the lives of the people who lived and worked in the region from Colonial days to the twentieth century. Supporting members are also invited to attend a special annual lecture.

Tax-Deductible Amount: $235.00

Supporting Membership Benefits:

  • Unlimited free admission for two adults in the same household and children under eighteen to all Historic New England sites, Library and Archives, and the Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History

  • 15% discount on shop and greenhouse purchases

  • Four single-use guest passes

  • Complimentary admission to a special lecture for Contributing and Supporting Members

  • Member publications, including Historic New England magazine (three issues per year), the Passport to Historic New England, Guide to Historic Properties, members’ newsletter and calendar of events, and monthly e-newsletter

  • Access to nearly 100 fun and exciting free-to-members events

  • Discounted admission to hundreds of other events

  • Discounts on gifts and publications